Please follow these simple steps to register with the Desio website:

  • - click ‘LOG IN’, located on the top right-hand corner of the Desio website;
  • - enter your email address and create a password;
  • - click ‘CREATE AN ACCOUNT’;
  • - enter your personal information and re-enter your password;
  • - type the letters of the CAPTCHA (the distorted image) and click ‘SUBMIT’;
  • - this will take you to ‘MY DASHBOARD’ where you can view recent account activity and update your account information;
  • - after registering on the Desio website you are free to place an order.

Here are the instructions for placing an order:

  • - Please log into your account (if you have not already). To log in, click ‘LOG IN’, enter your email address and password, then click ‘LOGIN’. Once logged in your name will appear in the top right-hand corner of the Desio website;
  • - To start shopping, click the Desio logo and it will return you to the main page;
  • - Select ‘Sensual Beauty Lenses’ or 'Two Shades of Grey' located just underneath the Desio logo and choose which color you wish to preview;
  • - Click on the prescription you require:
    • + plano: no prescription required
    • + power: prescription from -0.50 up to -6.00
    • + special: prescription from -6.50 to -13.00 and from +0.50 to + 6.00
    • + toric: prescirption lenses for myopic astigmatism
  • - If you have chosen prescription, select your appropriate ‘Power’ from the dropdown menu located on the right-hand side. Toric lens customers also need to specify a value for the ‘Cylinder’ and ‘Axis’.
  • - Select your desired quantity and click ‘ADD TO CART’;
  • - Now you can either click ‘CONTINUE SHOPPING’ to add more items to your cart, or review your current order by clicking ‘VIEW CART & CHECKOUT’;
  • - The ‘SHOPPING CART’ provides a summary of items you selected to order. Here you can do the following:
    • + return to the main website and continue shopping;
    • + modify the quantity of contact lenses purchased;
    • + move items to your wishlist;
    • + apply discount code (if you have one)
  • - to finalise your order, click ‘PROCEED TO CHECKOUT’. This will take you to the checkout page;
  • - Enter your billing and shipping information;
  • - Confirm the shipping method (registered international mail is the default setting and is provided for free by Desio);
  • - Select your desired payment method and click ‘CONTINUE’:
    • + PayPal – you will be redirected to the PayPal website when you place the order
    • + Credit Card / Debit Card – you will be redirected to the UniCredit webpage to enter your credit card / debit card details when you place the order;
  • - Please ensure all details under the ‘ORDER REVIEW’ are correct, as we cannot change this later. Then click ‘PLACE ORDER’;
  • - You will be redirected to the appropriate site depending on the payment method you have selected. After you have entered all your payment details, click ‘CONFIRM’ to process payment and you will receive a confirmation email that your order has been successfully placed;
  • - Please note if you do not proceed with the payment step your order will be automatically cancelled.
  • - You will then receive another email once your order has been dispatched, along with your parcel’s unique tracking code.
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