attitude Collection - monthly (1 tone)

The Attitude Design without a limbal ring. Contact lenses made of Hioxifilcon D, water content 54%

Desio is the first company that uses Hioxifilcon D material to produce coloured contact lenses. This new generation material is already known in the production of clear contact lenses. Hioxifilcon D is made of Glycerol and has a high percentage of water content. It also maintains a high level of hydration throughout its use which makes it suitable for those who suffer from dry eyes syndrome or discomfort with other contact lens materials. This material is also well known for its high deposit resistance (protein) and is an excellent option for patients who may have experienced discomfort with other contact lens materials. The Attitude monthly collection lenses have 54% water content, no Limbal ring, UV protection, Diameter 14.3mm and Base curve: 8.6mm. Choose from the Sublime Grey, Angelic Blue, Shameless Hazel and Lush Green beautiful monthly lenses for an extra comfort throughout the day. Available with or without correction (from -8.00 to +4.00).


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