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General Information

  • What is Desio?

    Desio® is a luxury brand of color contact lenses. Desio® lenses are manufactured by the Italian company, Qualimed srl. The lens design is patented and the brand is registered worldwide.
  • What is is an exclusive, worldwide, online store.
  • Who can order from

    • Customers who have had a proper eye check and know they can tolerate contact lenses are welcome to buy from our site.
    • U.S residents, please note that the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all contact lenses (including both Plano and power) are sold only on the prescription of a licensed practitioner.
    • Customers residing outside of the United States who order prescription lenses must also submit their contact lens prescription once a year when ordering.
    • If you reside outside of the United States and do not require prescription lenses, you will still need to confirm that you have visited an Eye Care Specialist and he or she has approved your use of contact lenses.
    • For instructions on how to order, please click on the following link: how to order
  • Do you have any local stores where I can purchase desio lenses?

    Please click on the following to take you to our store locator

What you should know before buying

  • Are Desio lenses only cosmetic, or can they be ordered with a prescription?

    Desio lenses are produced for those who only want to change the color of their iris, as well as for those who have acuity problems, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism. Please consult with your Eye Care Specialist prior to determining whether you need prescription lenses or not.

    • Plano lenses are lenses with power 0.00, for those customers with 20/20 acuity vision, who only want to change the color of their iris
    • Power lenses are for customers with myopia (negative powers) or hyperopia (positive powers).
    • Toric lenses are for customers with astigmatism. These orders must be specially produced for a customer after ordering (custom made on preorder).

    Important note for toric orders: Prescription is mandatory for Toric orders
    Toric orders are final and CAN NOT be modified once they are placed. This is because toric lenses are custom-made.
    Please note the production time for toric lenses could take up to 8 weeks.

  • Are Desio lenses certified?

     Desio lenses have obtained the following certifications:

    • FDA 510K
    • CE Mark
    • EN ISO 9001:08
    • EN ISO 13485:03
    • MOH Free sales certificate
    • Other local countries' approvals...
  • How do I attach my prescription?

    Customers are welcome to raise a ticket via the Help-Desk and attach their prescription. Prescriptions must be issued by a licensed practitioner and include the eye doctor’s contact information, the customer's name, valid expiry date, and the parameters of the customer's eyes.

  • How many colors are available?

    • New Sensual Beauty Lenses collection: Eight shades (quarterly lenses).
    • Two Shades of Grey Collection: Two shades (quarterly lenses).
    • Coffee Collection: Four shades (quarterly lenses).
    • Attitude Collection - Monthly (1 tone): Four shades.
    • Attitude Collection - Quarterly (2 tones):  Four shades.
    • Attitude Collection - Quarterly (3 tones):  Four shades.
    • Sale & Pepe Collection: Two Shades
    • Very Peri limited Edition

    As the color blends with your natural eye color, we recommend you visit our BEFORE AND AFTER section prior to purchasing.

  • What range of prescriptions are available?

    Quarterly lenses
    All our quarterly lenses are available with or without correction. They are available in Spherical and in toric powers.

    Spherical powers are available from -13.00 to +6.00.

    • Plano (power: 0.00) 
    • Myopia lenses (nearsightedness) from -0.50 to -13.00
    • Hyperopia lenses (farsightedness) from +0.50 up to +6.00.

    Toric lenses for astigmatism:

    • Power/Sphere/Diopter: from 0.00 up to -10.00 and from + 0.50 up to +3.00
    • Cylinder: from -0.50 up to -3.00 (in 0.25 steps)
    • Axis: from 10° to 180° (in 10°).

    Monthly lenses

    Monthly lenses are available with or without correction. Only Spherical powers are available from -8.00 to +4.00.

  • What material are Desio lenses?

    Desio lenses are made from Polymacon (38% water content) or Hioxifilcon D (54% water content).

  • Are Desio lenses one size fits all?

    Contact lenses are not one size fits all.
    It is essential to check with your Eye Care Specialist whether these parameters are suitable for your eyes before purchasing the lenses (these parameters cannot be changed).

    Base Curve
    Sensual Beauty lenses14.5 mm8.7 mm
    Two Shades of Grey14.5 mm8.7 mm
    Coffee Collection14.5 mm8.7 mm
    Attitude Quarterly - 3 tones
    14.4 mm8.7 mm
    Attitude Quarterly - 2 tones 
    14.5 mm8.7 mm
    Attitude Monthly - 1 tone14.3 mm8.6 mm
    Sale & Pepe Collection
    14.3 mm8.6 mm
    Very Peri
    14.2 mm8.6 mm

  • What if I have different powers for each of my eyes in my prescription?

    If you have different parameters for each eye in your prescription, you will need to order two boxes. One with your left eye correction and the second with your right eye correction. Unfortunately, we cannot open the original packaging and mix your prescriptions. Please select the box "I need 2 different powers” to be able to select both corrections.

  • I have astigmatism, can i order Desio lenses?

    Desio toric lenses are currently available in the quarterly lenses collections:

    • New Sensual Beauty Lenses Collection:
    • Two Shades of Grey Collection
    • Coffee Collection
    • The Attitude quarterly 2 tones Collection
    • The Attitude quarterly 3 tones Collection

  • What is included in each box of Desio lenses?

    Each box of quarterly disposable lenses contains two lenses of the same power and color, stored in separate blisters with sterile saline solution.

     Each box of monthly disposable lenses contains two lenses of the same power and color, stored in separate blisters with sterile saline solution.

    Lenses are also accompanied by a color guide and correct usage information.

  • Where can I purchase Desio lens case?

    All Desio disposable lens orders are shipped with a free Desio branded lens case.

  • Can I purchase Desio contact lens solution? does not sell contact lenses solution. You must purchase this from your local retailer. You can use any kind of all-in-one solution for soft contact lenses. Please choose well as contact lens solutions can also determine the comfort of the lens.

  • How much do Desio lenses cost?

    The price for Attitude Very Peri lenses is 39€.
    The price for Sale & Pepe Collection lenses is 39€. The Set costs 69€.
    The price for Attitude Monthly Collection- 1 tone lenses is 39€.
    The price for Attitude Quarterly collection - 2 tones is 49€
    The price for Attitude Quarterly collection - 3 tones is 59€
    The price for Sensual Beauty Lenses, Two Shades of Grey and Coffee Collection lenses is 42€.

    The price for New Sensual Beauty Lenses, Two Shades of Grey and Coffee Collection Toric lenses which are not kept in stock, but produced on request is 80€.
    The price for Attitude 2 tone Toric lenses which are not kept in stock, but produced on request is 89€.The price for Attitude 3 tone Toric lenses which are not kept in stock, but produced on request is 99€.

    All prices are in euros as Qualimed is based in Italy. Please note PayPal will automatically convert the total cost into your local currency before asking you to confirm payment.

  • What payment methods do you accept? accepts payment either by credit card or from a PayPal account.
  • I cannot decide which color(s) to purchase, can i receive a free sample(s) to test the lenses prior to purchasing?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide free samples. The best advice we can offer you is to please check out our Instagram page. There you can look for pictures of real customers with a similar eye color to yours and check out their before and after pictures prior to purchasing.

  • How long can I wear Desio lenses?

    The collections stated below are quarterly disposable lenses. You can wear them for three months, daily, from the time the blister is opened. It is recommended that they are disposed of after the three-month period:

    • New Sensual Beauty Lenses Collection;
    • Two Shades of Grey Collection;
    • Coffee Collection;
    • Attitude Quarterly collection - 2 tones
    • Attitude Quarterly collection - 3 tones

    The Attitude Monthly Collection - 1 tone lenses are monthly disposable contacts.

    All unopened Desio lenses sealed in the blister with saline solution have a shelf life of five years from the time of their original production date. The exact expiration date is printed on the back of the packaging.

    It is recommended that the lenses are disposed of after the wearing period mentioned above to avoid the risk of contracting ulcerous keratitis.

  • Can I sleep with Desio lenses?

    No, it is not advisable to sleep with any kind of contact lens. Your eyes must rest during sleep. Please remove your Desio lenses before sleeping and put them in some lens solution or dispose of.

All about shipping

  • To which countries does deliver? ships internationally, to all countries (with the exception of Bolivia, Mexico, Somalia, Turkey, Vatican City, Venezuela, and Yemen - due to customs issues otherwise it seems that we are having issues with those countries).
    We also do not ship to Italy, Czech Republic, and Slovakia, we welcome those residents to visit
  • What is

    No, however, if no authorized recipient is available to sign for the parcel, a notice will be left and the parcel held at their local office for a limited time, awaiting collection.
    If you do not receive a notification, you can still go to your local post office and claim the parcel by quoting its tracking code.  Please track your parcel sporadically. Please note, shipping does not require a signature in certain countries.

  • What is the dispatch time for the date of my order?

    All Plano and Power Desio lenses are dispatched within five business days.

    Custom-made toric lenses for astigmatism have an estimated dispatch time up to eight weeks from the date of being placed in production.

    Dispatch days are Monday through Friday and do not include weekends and public holidays. We cannot offer any guarantee and the dispatch time indicated is approximate.

  • What is the dispatch time for the date of my order?

    Delivery times will vary depending on your location. Please check our shipping page for further details. Please note delivery times are APPROXIMATE and not exact.

  • What is the dispatch time for the date of my order?

    Desio will notify customers via email if a parcel has been returned to our headquarters in Italy (might take many weeks before your parcel returns back), informing them of their reshipping options.
    If a Purchaser submits a wrong or insufficient delivery address which causes a return of the product to us, or the item is unclaimed, the Purchaser agrees to pay for reshipping and repacking ( agrees to cover the shipping charge only once - full reimbursement is not permitted).
    In the event that a parcel is returned to our headquarters and the customer requests a refund, the customer is responsible the initial shipping and handling fees depending on the shipping method initially selected.

  • For what reason would a shipment be returned to

    A parcel may be returned for the following reasons:

    • The recipient’s address is unknown;
    • The receiver’s name is not stated on the mailbox;
    • The delivery address supplied at the time of ordering was incorrect;
    • No authorized recipient was available to sign for the parcel and the customer did not collect their goods from their post office in the allotted time;
    • Another reason that is out of our responsibility.

After ordering information

  • I have difficulty logging into my desio account, what can i do?

    Please visit the LOG IN page and use the ‘Forgot Your Password’ facility to automatically generate an email to you with your new password.
  • What if i need some information about my order?

    Simply log into your Desio account and under your ‘Account Dashboard’ will appear a complete list of recent orders. From here it is possible to check whether the order has been dispatched and if a tracking code is available.
  • There is an error with the delivery address i provided, can i update the delivery address of an existing order?

    You must log into your Desio account and raise a ticket via the ‘Help Desk’ requesting to cancel and refund your order as the delivery address cannot be changed. However, once a parcel has been dispatched from desio’s warehouse it is no longer possible to cancel your order.

  • I've already placed my order but now i want to change the color and/or the prescription and/or the quantity, is that possible?

    You can log into your Desio account and raise a ticket via the ‘Help Desk’ requesting to cancel and refund your order as the parameters/color/quantity cannot be changed once submitted.

  • I lost my dispatch confirmation email, where can i find my tracking code?

    Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email which includes your tracking number as proof the consignment was sent. It is necessary to wait a few HOURS before tracking your order as all data must be uploaded by the SHIPPING system. If you have lost this code, simply log into your Desio account and click on the relevant order to view its tracking code.

  • The online tracking information for my order indicates there is a problem with the delivery of my parcel, what can i do?

    Please ensure that you have checked the parcel’s tracking code status on the shipping service tracking website. Per our terms and conditions, Purchasers agree to track their orders. Also please check that your local shipping service has not left a notice to say they attempted a delivery: Occasionally parcels are held up at customs or delayed due to special events such as Christmas, however, if there has been no change in status for more than two weeks, please log into your Desio account and raise a ticket via the ‘Help Desk’ requesting a status update and Desio will investigate the matter for you.

  • My parcel arrived in the post but does not match what i have ordered, what can i do?

    Please contact us within seven days from the receipt of your shipment, by logging into your Desio account and raising a ticket via the ‘Help Desk’ to say that you have received an incorrect order and supply photographic evidence of the received. A customer service representative will then respond to your query as soon as possible.

  • Can i sleep with desio lenses?

    No, it is not advisable to sleep with any kind of contact lenses. Your eyes must rest during sleep. Please remove your Desio lenses before sleeping and put them in a lens case submerged in lens solution.

  •  The lenses are moving on my cornea, what can i do?

    Please ensure that the lenses are not inside-out, as this is one of the most common causes of movement on the eye. If the lenses are inverted, simply flip them inside-out and give them a good wash before reapplying.

  •  The lenses seem too big or too small for me, what could be the cause?

    There are two possibilities why the lenses seem too big or too small.
    Firstly, the lenses may have become inverted and are not sitting correctly on your eye. This can be resolved by flipping them inside-out and giving them a good wash before reapplying.
    Another possibility is that the parameters of the Desio lenses are not suitable for your eyes and you require a different diameter and or base curve.
    Unfortunately, we cannot replace the lens or issue a refund if the parameters you have ordered are not suitable for your eyes (as per our terms and conditions).

  • I would like to exchange my lenses because i wanted to order a different color or correction, how can i do this?

    It is possible to return any unopened boxes for an exchange (provided they are not toric lenses as these are custom-made and are not eligible for an exchange). You can log into your Desio account and raise a ticket via the ‘Help Desk’ requesting our return procedures. Please note this requires the Purchaser to pay to have the lenses returned to our headquarters in Italy, as well as a standard reshipping fee, depending on chosen shipping method.

    If the lenses box has been opened, the product cannot be exchanged or refunded.

    Exchanges will only be accepted on orders received by the customer within the previous 30 days.

  • I am experiencing discomfort while wearing the lenses, what can i do?

    Please ensure that you have washed the lens properly and check that they are not inside-out, as these are the most common causes of discomfort. If the lenses are inverted, simply flip them inside-out and give them a good wash before reapplying. You can use any kind of all-in-one solution with your lenses.

  • There is a defect with the lenses, what are your return procedures?

    We sincerely apologize in the unfortunate event that you received factory defective lenses.
    Please note we will exchange factory defective lenses free of charge. As per our terms and conditions, defective contact lenses may only be exchanged for the exact same lens model, color, and prescription.
    The customer must log into your Desio account and raise a ticket via the ‘Help Desk’ within 7 business days of receiving the parcel to state that there is a defect with the lenses you received. A customer service representative will then provide you with our return procedures.
    Please note the costs of returning the goods to us will be paid by the Purchaser.

Marketing and promotions

  • Do you supply discount codes?

    Desio occasionally offers discounts for special promotions or occasions.
  • When will be your next promotion?

    Please subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of our latest offers and news. Please also keep an eye on our various social media sites (Instagram and Facebook) for information on future promotions as it becomes available.
  • I'm an optician or optometrist with a shop and I want to sell Desio Contact Lenses. What should I do?

    If you are interested in selling Desio contact lenses, please contact Qualimed srl at

  • I'm a contact lens distributors and I am intrested in distributing Desio Color contact lenses in my Country. What should I do?

    Kindly contact Qualimed srl at and provide an electronic copy of your business profile.

  • I'm a blogger/ influencer with a Youtube channel or Other social media network and I would like to review Desio lenses. What should I do?

    Kindly contact the Marketing Department of Qualimed SRL by emailing

IMPORTANT NOTE: these email addresses are for business enquiries only. General enquiries will not be answered via email. General enquiries must be submitted via the ‘Help Desk’ ticketing system, accessible by logging into your account.

Preguntas frecuentes

Desio FAQ Page

FAQ - Información General

Chat de WhatsApp: +393714284809


Disponible, hora italiana: Lunes - Viernes 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (CET)

Desio es una tienda en línea exclusiva y mundial que ofrece una amplia variedad de lentes de contacto de colores.

Los clientes que han tenido un control ocular adecuado y saben que pueden tolerar lentes de contacto son bienvenidos a comprar en nuestro sitio.

Los lentes Desio se venden exclusivamente y solo en esta tienda en línea. Sin embargo, también puedes encontrarlos en tiendas de óptica. Por favor, haz clic en el siguiente enlace para llegar a nuestro localizador de tiendas.

Para pedir lentes de contacto Desio en línea, por favor visita nuestra página Cómo hacer un pedido. Aquí encontrarás instrucciones detalladas sobre cómo seleccionar el tipo de lentes que necesitas, ingresar tus detalles de prescripción y completar el proceso de compra.

Desio ofrece una amplia gama de lentes de contacto de colores que incluyen opciones para miopía (nearsightedness), hipermetropía (farsightedness), plano (sin prescripción) y lentes tóricos para astigmatismo. Por favor, ten en cuenta que actualmente no ofrecemos lentes multifocales o bifocales, pero estamos trabajando continuamente para expandir nuestra selección para satisfacer necesidades más diversas.

Esto depende de tu póliza de seguro. Algunos planes pueden cubrir el costo de lentes de contacto con prescripción pero no los cosméticos. Consulta con tu proveedor de seguros para detalles específicos de cobertura.

Si los contactos son mejores que las gafas depende de las preferencias personales, el estilo de vida y las necesidades visuales específicas. Los contactos se colocan directamente sobre el ojo, proporcionando un campo de visión más amplio y no se empañan ni se salpican por lodo o lluvia, lo que los hace una buena opción para atletas y aquellos activos al aire libre.

FAQ - Lo que debe saber antes de comprar

Los lentes Desio están hechos tanto para aquellos que simplemente desean cambiar el color de sus ojos, como para aquellos que requieren corrección visual debido a condiciones como miopía, hipermetropía y astigmatismo. Consulta previamente a tu oftalmólogo para determinar si necesitas lentes con prescripción.

Los lentes Desio cuentan con las siguientes certificaciones:

  • FDA 510K
  • Marca CE
  • EN ISO 9001:08
  • EN ISO 13485:03
  • Certificado de Venta Libre del MOH
  • Aprobaciones de otros países locales

Los clientes pueden abrir un ticket a través de la sección 'MIS TICKETS' en su cuenta y adjuntar su prescripción. Las prescripciones deben ser emitidas por un profesional acreditado y deben incluir la información de contacto del oftalmólogo, el nombre del cliente, una fecha de vencimiento válida y los parámetros de los ojos del cliente.

  • Colección Timeless - Mensual (3 tonos): Cuatro colores
  • Colección Sensual Beauty Lenses - Trimestral: Ocho colores
  • Colección Two Shades of Grey - Trimestral: Dos colores
  • Colección Coffee - Trimestral: Cuatro colores
  • Colección Attitude - Mensual (1 tono): Cuatro colores
  • Colección Attitude - Trimestral (2 tonos): Cuatro colores
  • Colección Attitude - Trimestral (3 tonos): Cuatro colores
  • Colección Sale & Pepe 10th Anniversary: Dos colores
  • Edición limitada Very Peri: Un color

Lentes trimestrales:

  • Potencias esféricas desde -13.00 hasta +6.00
  • Lentes de miopía desde -0.50 hasta -13.00
  • Lentes de hipermetropía desde +0.50 hasta +6.00
  • Lentes tóricos para astigmatismo:
  • Potencia/Esfera/Dioptría: desde 0.00 hasta -10.00
  • Cilindro: desde -0.50 hasta -3.00 (en pasos de 0.25)
  • Eje: desde 10° hasta 180° (en pasos de 10°)

Lentes mensuales:

  • Solo potencias esféricas disponibles desde -8.00 hasta +4.00

FAQ - Todo sobre los envíos realiza envíos internacionales a todos los países, con excepción de Bolivia, México, Somalia, Turquía, Ciudad del Vaticano, Venezuela, Yemen, Irán y Guatemala debido a problemas aduaneros. También evitamos envíos a Italia, República Checa y Eslovaquia; invitamos a esos residentes a visitar

No, una firma requerida depende del servicio de mensajería seleccionado y del país de residencia. Si no hay un destinatario autorizado disponible para firmar el paquete, se dejará un aviso y el paquete se mantendrá en la oficina local por un tiempo limitado, esperando a ser recogido. Si no recibes una notificación, puedes ir a tu oficina de mensajería local y reclamar el paquete citando su código de seguimiento. Por favor, rastrea tu paquete esporádicamente. Para más información, contacta a

Un paquete puede ser devuelto por varias razones:

  • La dirección del destinatario es desconocida.
  • El nombre del receptor no está indicado en el buzón.
  • La dirección de entrega proporcionada al momento de hacer el pedido era incorrecta.
  • No había un destinatario autorizado disponible para firmar por el paquete y el cliente no recogió su paquete en la oficina de correos/mensajería en el tiempo asignado.
  • Otra razón que está fuera de nuestra responsabilidad.

Todos los lentes Desio Plano y con Potencia son despachados dentro de cinco días hábiles. Los lentes tóricos personalizados para astigmatismo tienen un tiempo de despacho estimado de 5 a 6 semanas desde la fecha de ser puestos en producción. Durante períodos promocionales y estacionales, el tiempo de producción puede aumentar hasta 8 semanas debido a la alta demanda. Los días de despacho son de lunes a viernes y no incluyen fines de semana ni días festivos. El tiempo de despacho indicado es aproximado.

Los tiempos de entrega variarán dependiendo del servicio seleccionado. Nuestro SERVICIO PREMIUM asegura la entrega dentro de dos a tres días desde el despacho, mientras que nuestro servicio ESTÁNDAR toma entre siete a nueve días. Ten en cuenta que los lentes tóricos pueden requerir tiempo adicional de producción antes del despacho. Los tiempos de entrega son APROXIMADOS y no exactos.

Desio notificará a los clientes por correo electrónico si un paquete ha sido devuelto a nuestra sede en Italia, informándoles sobre sus opciones de reenvío. Si un comprador proporciona una dirección de entrega incorrecta o insuficiente que causa la devolución del producto a nosotros, o si el artículo no es reclamado, el comprador acepta pagar por el reenvío y reempaque. cubrirá el cargo de envío solo una vez; no se permite el reembolso completo.

FAQ - Información después de ordenar

Te recomendamos visitar la página de inicio de sesión y utilizar la función "Olvidaste tu contraseña?". Esto generará automáticamente un correo electrónico que contiene tu nueva contraseña.

Simplemente inicia sesión en tu cuenta de Desio y en tu 'Tablero de cuenta' aparecerá una lista completa de pedidos recientes. Desde aquí es posible verificar si el pedido ha sido despachado y si hay un código de seguimiento disponible.

Puedes iniciar sesión en tu cuenta de Desio y abrir un ticket solicitando cancelar y reembolsar tu pedido, ya que la dirección no puede ser cambiada una vez enviada.

Después de que tu pedido haya sido enviado, recibirás un correo electrónico de confirmación que contiene tu número de seguimiento como prueba de que el envío ha sido despachado. Por favor, permite unas horas antes de intentar rastrear tu pedido, ya que el sistema de envíos necesita tiempo para cargar todos los datos relevantes. En el evento de que hayas perdido tu código de seguimiento, simplemente inicia sesión en tu cuenta de Desio y navega al pedido relevante para ver la información de seguimiento.

Por favor, asegúrate de haber comprobado el estado del código de seguimiento del paquete en el sitio web de seguimiento del servicio de envío. Según nuestros términos y condiciones, los compradores aceptan rastrear sus pedidos. También verifica que tu servicio de envío local no haya dejado un aviso indicando que intentaron hacer una entrega. Si no ha habido ningún cambio en más de 5 días laborables, por favor inicia sesión en tu cuenta de Desio y abre una solicitud para una actualización de estado y Desio investigará el asunto por ti.

Te pedimos amablemente que te comuniques con nosotros dentro de los siete días de haber recibido tu envío. Para hacerlo, simplemente inicia sesión en tu cuenta de Desio y envía un ticket indicando que has recibido un pedido incorrecto. Por favor también proporciona evidencia fotográfica de los artículos recibidos. Nuestro equipo de servicio al cliente dedicado responderá prontamente a tu consulta y te ayudará a resolver el problema.

No, no se recomienda superponer lentes de contacto. Si necesitas cambio de color y corrección de la visión, opta por lentes de contacto de colores con prescripción.

El cuidado adecuado implica limpiar y almacenar regularmente los lentes en soluciones apropiadas, manejarlos con manos limpias, y seguir las instrucciones específicas de cuidado proporcionadas con tus lentes.

Para quitar los lentes de contacto Desio, primero lava y seca tus manos completamente para evitar cualquier contaminación. Mira hacia arriba y tira suavemente hacia abajo tu párpado inferior. Con cuidado pellizca el lente con tu dedo índice y pulgar y levántalo lejos de tu ojo. Sigue técnicas adecuadas de higiene y manejo para evitar dañar el lente o introducir bacterias en el ojo. Para una guía paso a paso, visita nuestro sitio web.

Para insertar lentes de contacto de colores, asegúrate de que tus manos estén limpias y secas. Coloca el lente en la punta de tu dedo índice, baja tu párpado inferior con tus otros dedos, mira hacia arriba y coloca suavemente el lente en la parte inferior de tu ojo. Lentamente suelta el párpado y cierra el ojo para permitir que el lente se asiente. Parpadea unas veces para centrar el lente. Para instrucciones más detalladas y consejos, visita nuestro sitio web.

No se recomienda nadar con lentes de contacto Desio debido al riesgo de que las bacterias transmitidas por el agua contaminen el lente y causen infecciones oculares. Si debes usar lentes mientras nadas, considera usar gafas impermeables sobre ellos o optar por lentes desechables diarios que puedas desechar inmediatamente después de nadar.

No se recomienda ducharse con lentes de contacto. Ducharse mientras se usan lentes de contacto puede exponerlos al agua y aumentar el riesgo de infecciones oculares. El agua del grifo puede contener microorganismos, especialmente Acanthamoeba, que pueden adherirse a la superficie de los lentes de contacto y causar infecciones, lo que podría llevar a dolor severo y hasta pérdida permanente de la visión. Para proteger tu salud ocular, es mejor quitar los lentes de contacto antes de ducharte y volver a ponértelos después, asegurándote de que tus manos estén limpias y secas durante el proceso.

Si puedes sentir los bordes de tus lentes de contacto, puede indicar que los lentes no están ajustando correctamente o que se han desplazado en tu ojo. Esta sensación a veces puede llevar a incomodidad o irritación. Asegúrate de que tus lentes estén correctamente centrados y trata de parpadear unas veces para reposicionarlos. Si la sensación persiste, los lentes podrían estar dañados o el ajuste podría ser incorrecto para la forma de tu ojo. En tales casos, se recomienda quitar los lentes y consultar con un profesional del cuidado ocular para evaluar el ajuste y posiblemente explorar otras opciones de lentes o tamaños.

Sí, los lentes de contacto pueden congelarse si están expuestos a temperaturas muy bajas, especialmente en ambientes muy por debajo del punto de congelación del agua. Cuando los lentes de contacto se congelan, pueden volverse quebradizos y perder su forma y eficacia. Es importante evitar dejar los lentes de contacto en ambientes donde podrían estar sujetos a frío extremo, como un coche durante una noche de invierno helado. Siempre guarda los lentes de contacto a temperatura ambiente.

Estos están disponibles exclusivamente a través de nuestros distribuidores autorizados. Por favor, visita nuestro localizador de tiendas en nuestro sitio web Desio Store Locator aquí para encontrar una tienda cerca de ti donde puedas comprar nuestros lentes diarios.

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